june 23, 2014

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“Positivity is contagious!” ~ Beth Burden


Lemurian light
Lemurian light


You might recall that recently Deb Chenault and I traveled to Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. In the bookstore there was a basket of lovely crystals. They were Lemurian seed crystals, so named for the ancient civilization said to inhabit the Earth millions of years ago. In the healing world, they’re used to aid one’s higher soul chakras, to facilitate spiritual deepening. I didn’t know that at the time. I just thought they were lovely and said to Deb on the way home that I regretted not buying one. Yesterday, she presented me with a Lemurian crystal she bought that day, but she had gone one step further and suspended it in delicate wire to be worn as a necklace. Gifts like this are worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. It’s just beautiful, like my friend Deb’s giving heart. Color me blessed.

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