june 25, 2014

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“Ever since happiness heard your name,
it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”
~ Hafiz


Mary's prayer
Mary’s prayer


One of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met is Lori-Lyn Hurley. She’s an artist and writer, a Reiki practitioner, and seeker of God in everything she does and everyone she meets. She allowed me to photograph the various sacred spaces around her home and garden this evening. Words really fail to describe the wondrous energy that surrounds Lori-Lyn. There’s little surprise to find the same is true for the home she shares with two pugs, Woody and Rocky, and Tracy Hawkins whom you may remember as one of my sweetest friends in all the world (October 27, 2012 and March 14, 2013).


Rocky the Rock Star
Rocky the Rock Star


Besides her kindness, perhaps the thing I appreciate most about Lori-Lyn is her religious variety. Her spaces combine the various belief systems she has explored. Buddha sits near the Virgin Mary. And with a bowl of crystals at her feet, a stack of rosaries and spirit cards lay nearby. There’s even a fairy alter in the kitchen. All of this swirls together and creates a palpable positive experience. The openness is engaging; intriguing. I could spend hours talking to Lori-Lyn or just looking at the beauty she creates around her. She is a true blessing to many people, and I’m so thankful to be one of them.


the ease of faith
the ease of faith

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