june 28, 2012

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If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you’ve forgotten that you are one.” ~ Unknown

summer hue

Crystal has taken me under her photographic wing. This week she turned me on to RAW; a format that allows one to make significant adjustments to the image, as a short answer. I love it (she knew I would, of course). I made some adjustments to pull out the lovely summer sun on her face, only to run a few actions because, well, sometimes I just don’t like color. Period. There, I said it. Crys likes normal color a lot more than I do so, I’ll give her the shot below. Plus, she looks busy. <insert smile>

no action Jackson

Then, when I went to investigate a pecan thrown from a tree by a squirrel looking for attention, she swiped my camera and did this. I’m calling it a joint effort.

a joint effort

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