june 5, 2013

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One thing we know for sure is that we all have a limited number of days on Earth.
So each day we can either find something to complain about,
or something to be grateful for. It’s really up to us.” ~ Doc Zantamata

before and after 1
before and after 1

The angles aren’t precisely the same, but they’re close enough for rock and roll. Before shots are K-Lair and Haggin on April 30. The after photos were today. Things change quickly. Change is inevitable. Change can be good.

before and after 2
before and after 2

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Ko! Tell me how you took these pictures, please! Filter, app? I like the look!

    • Kopana

      They’re HDR – not an app. The photos from April 30 were bracketed and HDR generated using Photomatix. The current shots were single shots that I threw into Lightroom, generated 3 separate exposures, then used Photomatix to create the composite HDR.

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