june 7, 2017

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“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” ~ Sammy Davis, Jr.


best emcee ever


I don’t ordinarily post about people I don’t know, but I’m making an exception because this man was totally awesome. I think his name is Devin. (Amendment: after this post I found out his real name is Dustin Hill) He played emcee at Seedtime last Saturday. I tuned into WMMT on my way in and first heard him there. He is, in a word, hilarious. When I had the chance to see him in person I was not disappointed. He continued to be hilarious. But more than just entertaining, he was honest, encouraging, well spoken, and positive; all my favorite things. The audience loved him. He’s an artist, too. He had work in an adjacent building, which I did not get to see, but I understand he’s good. If it’s anything like his personality and emcee skills, it must be fantastic. This guy needs to be on the radio all the time, and I want to meet him next year. Best emcee ever.

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