march 11, 2021

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“Today I will listen louder than I speak, and look for the tables Jesus is flipping.” ~ Rev. Sarah Are

relay mail

Out on an HP field trip again today we stumbled across this unusual mail box on Main Street Winchester. It has no slot for deposit, so I have no idea what it’s really for. Obviously it’s old, and probably no longer in use, yet it’s still bolted to the public sidewalk on Main Street. So, before I go down a Google rabbit hole, if you know what “Relay Mail” is, tell me.

ADDENDUM: A few of you answered, and here’s the deal on Relay Mail boxes. Local carriers on foot sometimes have large loads to deliver. They will use these relay boxes to store some portion of their daily deliveries for themselves, or to drop off their pick-ups for another carrier to retrieve and then haul to the post office for further processing. Pretty cool, huh? Gosh, I love learning. Props to Esther Edwards’ brother who recently retired as a postman for his detailed explanation of relay box use.

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