march 16, 2013

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You can not live a positive life with a negative mind that holds you back. Focus more on what brings you happiness and less on what brings you down.” ~ Unknown

bebop a'rebop
bebop a’rebop

B-Bop was Crystal Heis’ car when we were in college. Her super creative dad, known as Papa Heis of course, rigged the key to turn when the wheels were engaged. Crys was well known for the car, and for her love of Bugs in general. For more than a decade she sent Christmas Cards with a Bug theme, for instance. B-Bop hasn’t run for quite a while now, and her passing, as it were, was very sad. Mama Heis is suggesting B-Bop be converted into a flower bed in Crystal’s yard. It’s not a bad idea, really, especially if Papa Heis can rig up a water fountain that can turn the key. Some things shouldn’t change.

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