march 17, 2021

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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

in line

I had my second covid vaccine shot Tuesday morning. I woke up feeling really good that morning, had my shot, went to the office, and carried on with my day. By 4p I suddenly became extremely lethargic, though I didn’t feel bad, so I made a quick work of the evening and headed for bed. There was no sleep to be had because by midnight I was chilling to beat the band. After five hours of that, when I finally stopped shaking, I managed to get the thermometer. 101.7. I wonder how high it got when I was at my worst? I don’t think that qualifies as the “low grade fever” they said to expect. No, that came a few hours later when the headache was in full force. It took another 16 hours for that to break. To say I had a miserable reaction would be an understatement. I trust this means I’ve got some killer antibodies working in my favor now. 

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