march 18, 2013

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Love is to the soul as food is to the body.” ~ Aine

rainy days and mondays
rainy days and mondays (snapseed)

It was raining cats and dogs when I dropped off my car for routine maintenance. My Scion tc was the first Scion sold in Lexington. It was May 2004. I waited nearly eight weeks for it to arrive from Japan. She was worth the wait, too. I named her Bella because I thought she was beautiful. I still do. I got close to nine years out of the battery, brakes, and serpentine belt. Could have gotten more I guess, but better safe than sorry. The rest of her? Not a problem to be found. That’s how you build a car. Doesn’t hurt that Lowell’s in Lexington has superior service for Toyotas. In fact, they’re one of the greatest businesses of any kind. They’ve got first class work ethics and killer customer service. They leave chocolate on your dash with a thank you card, for heaven sake! Just ask Stacy Yelton in her Corolla (named ‘Goose’) how awesome Lowell’s is (btw, thanks for the lift to work, Stacy). No amount of dreary weather was going to rain on my parade today.

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