march 30, 2012

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The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” ~ Anonymous

tie-dye Friday (snapseed)

I LOVE this quote. I got it from Hippie Peace Freaks. Coincidentally, it’s tie-dye Friday in my world. But, wait, it gets better (you’re thinking ‘what’s better than tie-dye?’). The lottery is up to some ungodly amount. I played the lottery maybe two times. I made it an uneven three today. As a bonus, the ticket was slightly tie-dyed. I laughed!

Before I go, I wanna share my friend’s sweet car, Max. I park next to him a lot. I almost bought a Mini Cooper. I’m very happy to know someone who did. The only thing that would make them cooler would be if… they came in tie-dye! Peace out peeps ~

max (snapseed)

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