march 7, 2017

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“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” ~ Deepak Chopra


old friends


Dad and I had a rare treat today. Mom had gotten very ill last night, so I stepped in to help. I took dad to one of his appointments with his favorite Dr. Forrester. Then, we were invited to my Aunt Charlene’s for supper with the family. Poor mom was still in bed, so unfortunately she wasn’t able to go. Dad’s BFF, Tony Adkins was there and the two assumed their normal positions. Food was delicious, the company superb. I told dad we had a good day all things considered. He replied, “Our time is always good. We go get, and take the guess out.” The Hillbilly Philosopher strikes again.


go get and take the guess out = live your life

  1. Shirley Terry

    I am so sorry I had to miss this gathering….but I loved to hear the stories when you got home, even tho I barely remember. Hopefully we can do this again and I will be able to contribute my presence. I liked both pictures but the top one I really like is of your dad and Tony. To me…the lighting, them having conversations (of childhood days, no doubt) and the relaxed atmosphere all around would be worth framing. When I see the most excitement and cheerfulness in him is when Tony comes to visit and they share a meal together on their TV stands watching a western and, of course, talking. Thank you for being there for him…..and for m

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