march 7, 2018

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“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” ~ Unknown


sweet boy (snapseed)


Here’s sweet darlin’ Leo. I call him Cap’n Leo now, and soon after he has his stitches removed, I’m going to find little kitteh eye patches for him. A cool cat should have cool duds, doncha think? As you can see, no pun intended, he’s doing great. He’s jolly and playful like his old self. He was able to overcome the spatial complexities of only one eye very quickly. Wally took after him yesterday, and he promptly batted him across the nose. Oh yea, he’s just fine (and Wally backed off). Speaking of Wally, he goes to Aunt Millie tomorrow for the abscessed tooth removal. When I go back to pick him up in the afternoon, Leo will go along to have his stitches removed. They’ll both feel a lot better after tomorrow I’m sure. And Leo? I’m so proud of how resilient he’s been. A great example of picking yourself up after something horrible and going on with life. What a babe. Who knew a little cat could be such a big inspiration?

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