march 8, 2016

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“Joy is prayer; joy is strength: joy is love; joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”
~ Mother Teresa


blue (snapseed)
blue (snapseed)


Behold: Kentucky sky through the car’s open moonroof. Every spring there’s at least one day that looks, feels, and smells like LA to me (Santa Monica to be exact). I enjoy those days, and today was one of them. My time in Southern California was interesting: part Beverly Hillbillies, part rock star, part nightmare, part B movie. I had a very interesting life until I hit 35 and took a permanent job working for somebody else. Then, it got a little boring, but maybe that’s what middle age is supposed to be. A little boring; a little necessary. I ain’t done yet, though. I’ve no doubt there’ll be more surprises with smells of LA, the high plains of Colorado, deserts after rain, and London (the real one). My life: a blessing even when it’s boring.

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