march 9, 2021

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“My mama, when I was little, told me, “Your brain is wired differently. It’s not ‘wrong,’ or ‘broken,’ just different. It’s like someone gave you a beautiful wild horse. You just have to learn how to ride it.” ~ Mary Carroll-Hackett

Fine Arts

There’s a checkerboard on the fine arts building. Do you see it? I’ve walked past this building for decades. Spent a great deal of time in it during my undergrad years. Only today did I see the checkerboard. I don’t know the significance, if any. Maybe it’s the result of a bored brick mason (I doubt it). This building has always been a little intriguing to me. It’s not very practical, even though that makes it kind of awesome for the arts. There are some artistic flourishes here and there, like the frieze mosaic at thee top right corner, and John Tuska’s fabulous bronze sculptures on the front, but it’s prone to flooding on the bottom floor where most of the music rooms are found. Silly humans building over a creek turned storm sewer. What could possibly go wrong? Still, it has some interesting bits, and of course, there’s the checkerboard. 

Fine Arts detail

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