may 17, 2017

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“Be yourself. People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care.” ~ Unknown


to the stacks (snapseed)


The view outside the Nunn Center door got a face lift with this new photo. It’s a brilliant shot that I wish I’d taken. In fact, I’m not sure who took it (I didn’t ask), but it’s from the era when King Library was UK’s main library building, before W.T Young took over the role in 1998. It was the library when Crystal and I were undergrads. It could have been us trolling up and down the core stack stairs, which is what this photo shows; stairs so steep and narrow the claustrophobic would not last long without a real panic. The core stacks today are closed to the public, but for we alumni, this photo provides sufficient, and hopefully warm, memories. I smile every time I walk out the door.


back then (snapseed)

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