may 18, 2021

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“Those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.” ~ Steve Maraboli


From some angles the tail is the only obvious giveaway that it’s not a cat. I guess she was just stopping by to make sure I was really working. Too bad the neighbors had just gotten home from school. If not for them, I’m pretty sure she would have stuck around a lot longer, maybe stared at me like a zoo animal a little longer. Raccoons are not at all uncommon in this neighborhood. They, like possums, wander about, though usually at twilight and night. It is a bit unusual to have one on the porch at 3pm on a busy afternoon, but I guess I just looked really interesting…like a zoo animal. In any case, I hope she’s just left in peace. Urbanites have a bad habit of catching raccoons and possums in live traps thinking it humane, which it is if the alternative is instant death, but they don’t generally understand that relocating them will often lead to death anyway. They’re forced into unknown territory that’s likely already spoken for, so they have no food or shelter and they’re left to fight to get either, not to mention that many this time of year are female with young. That’s probably why this girl was out. She was searching for food for her young while they slept. I like her. I hope she will be okay, and that her young will continue to patrol the hood, ridding us of as many insects and rodents as possible.

not a cat

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