may 2, 2021

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“Please, overuse your intelligence. It’s insanely sexy.” ~ Unknown

Clare’s barn

I’ve been working hard on my final project for HP. It’s a cultural landscape of a section of the Thomson Historic District in Winchester. I really wanted a good photo of a few things including the one remaining suburban barn that’s still standing, so off I went to Winchester this afternoon. Is that not the coolest barn? The homeowner, Clare Sypple, was outside mowing, but graciously stopped to talk to me for a good while. You met Clare’s house last year. I hope to return to photograph the inside of her house soon. It’s one of the most impressively intact historic homes, inside and out. I mean, look – she has a barn in a suburb less than a half-mile from downtown Winchester. That alone makes it awesome. All the houses in this suburb of Winchester had barns. They had horses, chickens, outhouses, smokehouses, you name it- everything they needed to survive and proximity to town. Clare and her HP compadres have done a great job keeping the integrity of the neighborhood as intact as can be and I’m really fortunate to photograph it. Plus, getting out from behind this computer was a much needed break from writing all day (more struggle than writing I’m afraid…it’s going to be a long week).

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