may 24, 2013

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You attract what you think, and you receive what you believe.” ~ Gordana Biernat

care bear
care bear

Just when I think people can’t love me more, along comes this sweet package with a beautiful succulent plant (my favorite) and the most adorable little bear with a sunflower under its little arm. Sheri Howard and I grew up in the same town. We know the same people. We drank the same water. Still, I didn’t have the pleasure to really get to know her, appreciate her, understand her until the last few years. Better late than never. She is compassionate. She sees injustices in the world and says so. She is incredibly loyal, forgiving, but above all else, she is constantly striving to be a better human being. She has taught me more than I can say, and for that, I am forever grateful. Bless you, dear friend, for reaching out. The tune up was easier with your good energy behind me.

this set is Lily approved
this set is Lily approved

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  1. Sheri Howard

    You, dearie, have taught me much as well! I now look for the *snorts* in life and appreciate them! I look forward to the Outhouse each day and am honored to have “made the cut”……..WOOT! Now, feel better!

    • Kopana

      Smiley Bear, known as Sheri, now sits beside my guardian rabbit. They remind me, before I go to bed at night, to give my troubles to God since s/he will be up all night anyway. I sleep really good knowing they’ve got my back 😉

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