may 4, 2017

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Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.
~ Helen Keller




Over the course of a decade, give or take, I lived in three of the four apartments in this house on South Upper Street. Some of my fondest memories happened when I was living there. When I was still traveling with Stealin Horses I lived in the apartment that faced the alley. I wasn’t there much, but my cat and Danny Thomas were. Later, most of my college years were spent in this house. When I lived in the upstairs apartment there was a window that opened to the roof. Sadie and I used to sit out there and get some fresh air. When I was gone to class, she’d go out on her own and watch for me. Folks in the neighborhood got to know her as the dog on the roof. We used the house as a backdrop for a blues band I was in called La Vida Loca. You can see Sadie on the roof in a few of the shots. My secret fantasy is to buy the place and restore it as a single residence, if in fact it was ever a single residence. If not, I’d still restore it however it was meant to be because, of all the places I’ve lived in Lexington, it remains my favorite, no matter which apartment I lived in. Of course, that will never happen, and that’s okay, too. I smile every time I pass by, and that’s good enough for me.


two shades of red

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