may 7, 2018

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“When we are continually lost in our fears, worries, judgments, and assumptions, we miss the beauty right in front of us.” ~ TinyBuddha


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This old stump was once a wondrous walnut tree beside Mamaw’s house, today Aunt Janet’s house. When I was growing up, it dropped walnuts big enough to put a knot on your head. Mark and I used to throw them at each other, throw them in the creek, throw them at the hill. They kept falling, rotting, making a black mess, and we kept throwing. Despite that, it felt like a protector of the yard and the house. I suspect they cut it down because Mamaw had issues with it, by that I mean, she didn’t like trees too close to the house. She was a wise gal that way, so it was little surprise that it was three white pines that destroyed the original home. Trees, I might add, she begged to be taken down because she knew they would destroy the house. The old man who owns that land that those trees were on? He spoke to me after the tornado. I made sure he knew he’d done Mamaw wrong by ignoring her warnings. That was the last time he spoke to me. I’ve been paying for his bad decisions ever since. 


in the bend


There used to be an outhouse beside the walnut tree. It was there that mom was first caught smoking cigarettes as a teen. I understand that, when times were hard, she turned to smoking corn husks. Lawdy, can you imagine? She’s a hoot! By the time I came along, they had indoor plumbing and the outhouse had been turned into a storage building. They did away with it when I was little, and from then on, the tree was free to grow any which way it pleased. I don’t necessarily miss the tree because look at what beauty has taken its place. Mountain moss thick as carpet accessorized by lichen has turned a relic into a thing of beauty. Nature knows how to care for herself if we let her. I could look at her art all day.


nature’s art

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