november 11, 2017

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“When in doubt, breathe out.” ~ Danny Penman


like riding a bike


Stacy took part in the exquisite Leonard Cohen Tribute this evening at Good Shepherd. She read lyrics to – oh gosh, I don’t remember now – but she read them as the musicians reassembled to sing what is unquestionably his most famous song Hallelujah. As expected, she was a pro. A total pro reading lyrics like the poetry they are. I’ve never seen anything more natural than Stacy in headphones behind a mic the way God intended. I’m so proud of her. What an excellent night of music.


once a pro, always a pro

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  1. Natalie Bendgen

    What a wonderful shot, Ko… tho I am hardly surprised! So glad you were able to capture Stacy in her element. Wishing I could have experienced last night in person.

  2. march 5, 2020

    […] I met Anita when she put together the first in the series of tribute concerts three years ago, the Leonard Cohen Tribute. That was followed by the Joni Mitchell Tribute, both shows which Anita graciously allowed […]

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