march 5, 2020

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“Some ways to honor Jake: read a book, call an old friend, ride a bike, walk somewhere you would normally drive, shop at a local business, plant a tree, start a home composting bin, or make a donation to Trees Lexington!” ~ Jake Gibb’s obituary


Anita Courtney is one of the sweetest, most energetic people ever. We’ve been acquaintances but a few years, yet we share so many mutual friends that I’m surprised it took 52 years for our paths to cross. I met Anita when she put together the first in the series of tribute concerts three years ago, the Leonard Cohen Tribute. That was followed by the Joni Mitchell Tribute, both shows which Anita graciously allowed me to photograph. And last year’s Bob Dylan Tribute in which I played two songs in addition to photographing again. More recently I’d been trying to attend Anita’s yoga classes and I was finally able to clear my schedule enough to do so for the last few weeks. The class meets on Monday evenings, and in perfect Anita fashion, they are informative, rejuvenating, and peaceful. A few hours after this week’s session saw Anita’s world turned upside down with the sudden loss of her husband of 41 years, Jake Gibbs. Like Anita, he was a pillar of the Lexington community (a city councilman no less) and beloved by many. I didn’t know Jake, but one read of the last line of his obituary (today’s quote) and I wish I had. I wish even more that Anita had not had to say goodbye to him so soon. When my time comes I hope my obituary reads as positively and as kindly as Jake’s. May we all be such good stewards and citizens as he.

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