november 19, 2014

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“When you are truly comfortable with who you are, not everybody will like you.
But you won’t care about it one bit.”
~ Unknown




This is what’s kept me so busy this week. We’ve gone from a room packed to the rafters (not exaggerating) with gear and desks and students, to this. Tomorrow, new carpet, and on Friday, we’ll do it all in reverse with mostly new (to us) furniture. I am so thankful UK has a team of guys to┬ámove the heavy stuff. I’d be ready for the pasture without them. Apart from the busy, I’m pretty excited to see this facelift. I’m also very pleased with how well my allergies have behaved. I did all the moving without a mask: a real risk, believe it or not. After three days of serious dust and stuff, apart from a minor sore throat in the evenings, I’ve felt fine. My most sincere thanks to Dr. Beth Miller and her nurses for getting me back on the road to good health with those allergy shots. That’s only taken four years <insert laughter>. The mold might take a little longer. I’m not complaining – I’m a believer and exceedingly grateful!

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