november 23, 2014

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“You are here to do something for this world that only you can do.” ~ Unknown


gadgets (instagram)
gadgets (instagram)


Dagnabit, I had the perfect picture for today’s post, but technology said, “No, I will not let you post that picture.” My old iPhone 4 had become nearly useless from a lack of OS support. This evening, I bit the bullet and bought an iPhone 6 at the Apple store. I was greeted by the sweetest young man at the door. He loved my name. He passed me off to the next sweetest young man, Alex, who helped me make the purchase. Alex then passed me off to the next sweetest young man named Brett who helped set up the phone. I took pictures of Brett and Alex because they were so sweet, and because I might indeed be Mrs. Robinson. I just don’t remember boys being quite as cute as Brett and Alex when I was their age (think early 20’s). Anyway, I should have known I’d lose the shots because I had to sync the phone when I got home. In my excitement, I hit restore. It loaded the old phone’s data, which I needed, but it wiped the new pictures of Brett and Alex. So, here’s an instagram photo of an iPhone. Pictures or no, I’m grateful to learn that some parents raised good people. Those sweet boys will help make this world a better place.

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