november 24, 2013

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How deep is this water? If it’s over your head, does it really matter? At some point, when the stakes are high enough and your skills and desires are ready, you will swim. And when you swim, who cares how deep the water is? You might find that deeper water is actually calmer and easier to swim in.” ~ Seth Godin

vittles (instagram)
vittles (instagram)

For the first time in nearly two months I had the weekend to myself, well, except for those two hours yesterday when I went into the office. Besides that time, I have cooked…and cooked and cooked and cooked, all good-for-me stuff that I can freeze and live on for some time. I got stuff done that I’ve not had time to do for way too long. It felt good. Two-day weekends are seriously too short, but oh how thankful I am for them, especially weekends like this.

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