november 24, 2020

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“I love people that have no idea how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place.” ~ Unknown

better to see you with, my dear

Back to the Ophthalmologist today. Did you know your brain will train itself to ignore big floaters? Last Thursday, as part of my “this is how my aging body is going to taunt me today”  routine, I developed a quite sizable floater that didn’t go away. Four days later I was growing pretty depressed about it, frankly. Working at a computer all day had become really hard. Then I learned from my super awesome Ophthalmologist Dr. Seedat that this floater was not unexpected (for her maybe, but for me, I didn’t …see it coming. Sorry. Too soon?) Sometimes these floaters – a product of the jelly-like substance that surrounds the retina – can tear the retina as they break away from it. For me that hasn’t happened. It made a clean break but it left me with the floater in my upper right eye that was/is super distracting in any environment that is bright, like a computer screen, the sky, white rooms, and so forth. That’s how I learned that one’s brain will eventually say, “meh, you bore me, little floater. I shall ignore you henceforth.” And it does. It is! Day five and the floater is still there, but my brain is doing its job as II watch it slowly fade into the background. What a truly amazing organ our brains. Plus, I continue to be the luckiest woman alive. 

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