november 27, 2022

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“I require low-maintenance friends. You gotta allow me to disappear into the black abyss of adult responsibility, then pop up in six months like, ‘Whatcha doing Friday?'” ~ Unknown


He’s not at all comfortable, huh? We should all sleep as well as dogs and cats. I also think his name might be George. He is a curious boy, following my every move, turning his head in those super cute puppy dog twists when I speak, but he doesn’t understand. It’s pretty adorable, I must say. He wants desperately to play with Lilly. Being a grouch and a cat, she’s having none of it. He’s jealous of my attention to her and has learned to get to my lap first. If a cat could roll their eyes and huff, that would be Lilly when he beats her to my lap. That’s been pretty funny. For all the hardship that comes with a new pet, especially one that wasn’t entirely housebroken, it’s totally worth it when they’re happy. He’s looking pretty happy.

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