november 7, 2020

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“Love is unstoppable. It seeps into our words and our actions in a thousand ways. Sometimes it feels limited, sometimes expansive, but underneath, thee mystery of love always pushes through.” ~ Jack Kornfield


First Presbyterian Church in Lexington. I loved it the minute I stepped through its doors so many years ago. I loved the people who greeted me with open arms and open hearts, many have become like family. It was a very different experience for me coming from a Pentecostal background, but through the years I’ve come to understand so much more about God, theology, society, and myself because of the teachings and guidance of her members and clergy. For me, there’s something very vintage about her pulpit, pipe organ, and cross, so I created a photo to reflect that feel. Or at least I tried to create that. Also, iif you want to see last night’s Music for Mission John Lennon Tribute, you can view it here.

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