november 9, 2016

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“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for changing them.” ~ Denis Waitley


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home (snapseed)


Sometimes you just have a bad day. So far, every day this week has been pretty crappy in my little corner of the universe. And by crappy I mean everything from income to election to hospital to fleas-on-the-dog crappy. This is the kind of week where finding the cheery side has taken some work, but ya know what? I’m human, and it’s okay to have a bad time of things. I’m hardly alone in this. I still find things to be grateful for, and that is, after all, my goal every day. For example, UK’s Chandler Medical Center has great art, like this permanent installation by Louis Zoellar Bickett called The Kentucky Dirt Project: 120 Counties. It’s just beside the dining facility. You wouldn’t necessarily understand what you’re looking at if you didn’t really stop to look. Kentucky has more counties than any other state its size except for Texas. But then, Texas is three times bigger so… In any case, it’s amazing to see the different hues of dirt from one end of this state to the other. I found it a good antidote for a post-election hangover. I love the state of my birth; the state of my ancestors – up to seven generations in some cases, and I really appreciate Louis’ poetic artwork that pays tribute to it. 


120 (snapseed)
120 (snapseed)

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  1. Randy Helton

    Cool display! Would love to see more projects like this about our state.

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