october 10, 2016

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“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
~ Mahatma Ghandi


an Italian and a Hillbilly walk into a bar...
an Italian and a Hillbilly walk into a bar…


I haven’t told you much about Callie Cardamon and her husband Eric Rawson. We met 30+ years ago when we were all living in Nashville trying to eek out a living in music. Eric, whose memory is like a steel trap, remembers much more about it than either Callie or I. Since talking with him again after all these years I’ve been reminded of many details. Apparently, I’ve blocked quite a bit – self preservation I suspect. But back to Callie and Eric: we met because Stealin Horses’ manager was working as a consultant for Callie. She actually had a different manager, a guy that said he had two acts he liked; Callie and some guy named Garth. None of us stayed in Nashville long (except that guy, Garth). We saw one another again (probably the last time we saw each other until this trip) after Callie and Eric moved to New York. She had a deal with Sony (or RCA, I don’t remember which now), and having signed with Arista, we were touring in support of our first record. We were playing the New York State Fair. Callie and Eric met us there. Karaoke was a relatively new thing back then, and the fair had a Karaoke recording booth. One of the selections was our Arista label-mate Whitney Houston’s hit “How Will I Know”. I’d give anything to find the duet recording of Callie and Kiya singing that song. It was a hoot! That’s just one of many stories of Callie and Eric. We lost touch for a number of years until facebook enabled us to find one another again. Despite all the years and all the miles, being with Callie and Eric feels as fresh as the day we met, but better. We’re all older and wiser now, able to laugh off our business mistakes and still love music. They will never know how grateful I am to have them in my life, then, and most especially, now. They bless me with their friendship.

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  1. Callie Cardamon

    Beloved Kopana,

    We, too, are so blessed to have your friendship and love.

    Why does Eric remember every single thing? I had no idea I’d been to the NY State Fair…but of course I remember the karaoke booth now!

    These past few days have been precious.

    I love you.

    P.S. It’s nice to know that you and I both enjoy games for horrible people…

  2. Shirley Terry

    My beautiful baby girl, Kopana. This picture is so good of you because your lovely smile and your little wide bright eyes are saying it all. I believe this is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of you in a very long time. You don’t look as tired…..and worn out.

    Hello pretty lady, Callie…. it’s very nice to meet you.

    Shirley (Kopana’s mom)

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