october 18, 2012

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Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

what do you think it is?

Rob and I play a game every day: The person who gets to the office first gets to be keeper of the cork and flag for that day. Today, we arrived at exactly the same time but from opposite ends of the hall. There we stood smiling and waving, each thinking, “who gets the flag now”. This is how Rob marked our tie. The first person by our desks asked, “Um…..what’s going on?” We never really said, and he didn’t really inquire further. The second and third persons asked what it was, and I replied, “What do you think it is?” “art” and “a castle” were their answers. Therefore, we decided that we’ll take our castle artwork, named Corky, to the art museum and declare: “if¬†Duchamp can turn a toilet into art, we can do the same with Corky!” We are now known as the Dada Revivalists. Word. Rob makes me laugh every day. What a joy and blessing he is.

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