october 2, 2021

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“The same boiling water that soften the potato hardens the egg.  It’s what you’re made of. Not the circumstances.” ~ Unknown

birthday boy gets his girl

You’ve met my first cousin Melissa Wilson Moore many times by now. For those of you needing a score card or refresher, let me catch you up: Melissa’s mother (Lois) and dad are siblings. Lois helps with dad when things come up that require mom and I to be away. I’ve talked about Missy’s husband Mike being my brother from another mother because we share a love of drums and drumming. He’s the same Mike who helps with mom and dad’s house and yard. Like her mother and husband, Missy is a helper and she’s super stealthy about it, doing things that really make a difference. You know those things that, if they didn’t get done you’d notice, but you rarely notice while they’re happening. For example, yesterday at the birthday, I watched her as she walked into the kitchen just laughing and talking while simultaneously making room on the table for more food, getting drinks for the family. She nonchalantly took the utensil from my hand as she and I were talking at the grill. Before long she was done grilling. I was still talking. Everyone was enjoying the birthday cake on the deck as she moved quietly inside to wash dishes. All of this is normal behavior for Missy. She does it everywhere she goes as naturally as if breathing air. She never asks for anything in return, let alone expect notice. While this side of her family was celebrating another revolution around the sun, her father’s side of the family was only hours away from losing one of their own; Missy’s cousin Nicky, a young woman of only 40 with two young children  had been fighting desperately for two weeks to stay on this side of the veil until the struggle became too great. You never ever know where life will take you or how short or long it might be. Carpe diem, friends. Take care of yourself for your people if not for yourself. Love your people and love them deeply. Do your part. Be kind. My wish is that you have a Melissa in your family. She is a gift.


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  1. Missy Moore

    Oh Kopana this just warms my heart ❤️. Thank you for your kind words, I just like to help out when I can 🥰. We love spending time with our family, we always have a great time together 🥳. I love your daddy (your momma too) he has such a sweet spirit 😘.

    Thank you for remembering Nicky and our family, it has devastated us but I know she is with our Lord and Savior and that gives us peace.

    Ko – I love you to the moon & back… Us only
    Kids gotta stick together 😉

  2. Barbara

    Missy is a great person and she is there for what ever needs to be done, sometimes I don’t know how she does it. That’s a great picture of her Shorty. Pray Shorty has many more years of picture taking. Love your post.

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