october 26, 2019

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“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi

turtles all the way down

Today was the day – finally! It’s been right at six months since the remodel of the house began. Though it’s not entirely done, the upstairs is finally done and the water heater is in place which enables me to move back in. However, actually being able to live there might take a few days to sort out since there’s a lot to clean, move, and wash. Stacy was very sweet to surprise me today with this incredible shower curtain (I’ve got a thing for turtles and crows), but she also gifted me her cleaning power – she is a mighty cleaner, let me tell you. She helped me get the first layer of grime off so the moving can start in earnest. Meanwhile, I had to skip rehearsal today, so I promised before and after pictures. Behold those below. Props to my man Tracy Hawkins for a beautiful job. He rebuilt the top of the house (and then some) to be extremely energy efficient, storage heavy, and light. I look forward to nesting there for many years to come.

after east view (upper right images)
after west view (upper left images)

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