october 29, 2017

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“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis


friends everywhere


We’d just arrived at Maker’s Mark after having a lovely dinner, so naturally, a bathroom was the first order of business, so to speak. I’d walked out of the ladies room beside this bright mosaic when I heard my name. It’s pretty dark in the room away from the light on the mosaic, and despite squinting, I saw only silhouettes. Then, he stepped into the light. There stood John Hynes, bright smiling, speaking my name. Hugs ensued. John is one of the funniest, most kind people I know.


before the sun went down


John had seen his BFF Crystal Heis just the day before. He mentioned visiting Maker’s Mark for the Chihuly Night festivities, and she told him I was going to be there as well. Our timing was pretty remarkable from the start, and we kept running into each other throughout the night. The last time I saw John was when he and his friend Lisa were asked to get off the landscaping as they were taking a selfie in front of Chihuly’s most prominent piece Summer Sun. Stacy and I had just done the same thing, along with a host of people before us, but poor John and Lisa were the unfortunates to get the wrist slap. I think he’ll agree that it was worth it. Running into John made my day all the more awesome. 

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