september 1, 2016

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“Stop thinking negatively and fill your mind with positive thoughts.”
~ Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Dave Courchene)


big hole (snapseed
big hole (snapseed)


The Lunch Ladies went on an adventure. We heard there was a new dining location in the recently completed Gatton Collage of Business building. The smell of new hit us before we ever got in the door (seriously). Once inside, we were speechless at how beautiful it was. The open atrium is enormous; the people look tiny in it. I’m told the classrooms and study areas are equally impressive. We didn’t make it to the renovated section of the building, but I’m sure it’s equally grand. Kudos to those working in such a fine space. Probably the food was fine, but it looked a little cold to our liking. Maybe we’ll try again later if/when the bacon looks like real bacon.

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