september 12, 2020

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“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” ~ Jewish proverb

Birthday Girl

Because Crystal Heis is as sweet a friend as can be, she brought Forget-Me-Nots from her garden to plant for Leo’s grave. She brought them when Sadie died as well. I somehow managed to kill that batch. I vowed to do better this time. She also rode over on her new birthday present (her birthday was in May); her Ride1Up electric bike. You can peddle, or you can get some electric assistance. This baby runs up to 28 mph for 20-50 miles before needing a charge. She was absolutely smitten with it, rightfully so. She even offered to let me ride it, but since I don’t do well on two-wheeled rides (broken leg, chipped tooth, head injury, 20 stitches – all different accidents), I passed. I think I won Saturday with the visit and Forget-Me-Nots just the same.

Crystal’s Cool Bike from kopana terry on Vimeo.

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