september 15, 2020

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“Live as if your prayers are to be answered.” ~ Unknown

out of place

Notice anything unusual about this picture? How about those big honkin’ green tomatoes ready to ripen next to that “wear a mask” sign? See them? I walked by and thought, “Wow, those are good looking tomatoes.” A few more steps and I realized where I was, which was not in a garden. I wasn’t even near a garden. I was between the Rose Street parking garage and Young Library, square in the middle of campus. Years ago, when we still had the old student center, they planted a ton of basil in a little piece of dirt between sidewalks. Ya know what? I really, really liked it. I really like this tomato plant, too.  Instead of planting bulbs and annuals they’re just going to dig up and throw away, they ought to plant edibles. I wouldn’t eat them, but somebody might, and I like looking at them a lot more than most plants I see around campus. Go Big Green doesn’t quite have the same ring as Go Big Blue, but it’s not an entirely bad slogan.

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