september 22, 2022

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“‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’
‘Kind,’ said the boy.” ~ Charlie Mackesy

church family

Mom and Dad attended the Glenn Avenue Church of God in West Liberty until they moved to Lexington three years ago. This was the church both mom and I grew up in, and it was the church my maternal grandmother helped found. It is and has always been a very small church, and because of that, most of the long-time members feel like family. Today, some of that family came to see mom and dad (and me though I could only stay a few minutes). I haven’t seen my mother this happy in years. Dad, who took a very bad turn some 10 days ago, did not wake up, but I feel confident that he heard their prayers and singing, and I’m certain he felt their kindness. If you are lucky enough to find a church, tabernacle, synagogue, or another spiritual gathering that you like, I hope they love you like family, too. Those people are precious and priceless.

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