september 4, 2020

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“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi

the prize

BFF Judy Sackett took me for an afternoon adventure. Her timing was perfect, of course, considering I’ve had a terrible week, and considering she is a cat person who hated to hear of Leo’s demise. Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect and we both needed a pick-me-up away from our perpetual pandemic lily pads. Judy took me to Wilson’s Nursery in Frankfort where they have a ton of greenhouses, a lovely cafe with delectable food, and cats. What’s more, they’re known for their butterfly house, and it was quite the delight to be surrounded by butterflies and caterpillars as we shopped. Judy picked up a pot of coneflowers to buy when she discovered this beautiful chrysalis beneath a leaf. In the close-up below you can see better the gold suture-like dots. I’ve never seen a chrysalis like it – so beautiful and delicate and precious. Life is amazing. It was a much needed magical afternoon and I am eternally grateful to my flower friend, Judy, for taking me along. Did I mention everything was on sale? I think I won Friday.

the prioze up close

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