june 21, 2020

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“Life became a lot easier when I decided to just let people misunderstand me.” ~ Unknown

the man

Hero has fought many an ailment for the last 20 years, but it seems none have been as hard to battle against as the last three months of constant infections. We sprang him from the hospital for the third time just last Tuesday and he has been feeling excellent since. We celebrated his fatherhood today, and I can speak for mom when I say that we are so very, very grateful to have him with us to celebrate. We were all in good humor, too, so we had a little silly fun with the phone camera. There are so many of my friends and family whose fathers are no longer on this earthly plane. Peace be with all of you. And peace to those of you whose fathers must be celebrated from afar. I’ll share Hero with all of you. He’s got enough love for us all. 

the myth
the legend
the whole package

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