november 30, 2019

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By Takash Tanemori, Hiroshima survivor

“My heart fills with countless blessings:
food, shelter, clothing and friends to be encircled.
Looking back, I see how
my stumbling steps have become a path
and how, on this lonely road,
I have never been alone.

The kindness of many has been
like a spring rain,
bringing new life to my heart,
as a “Blade of Grass” ever emerging
from the ashes of the past,
I stand, amazed at my blessings.”


Here are a few snaps of the outside of the dairy that I mentioned Maggie and I went to yesterday. The moss/lichen varieties growing on the stone were amazing. In fact, I found most everything about this building amazing. Plus, I love the pic of Maggs. She was digging the ruins as much as I was. Maggie’s not a short woman – probably 5’9″ – so that gives you an idea of just how tall the doors are. Even the wood is cool. Modern wood isn’t allowed to grow as long as it used to (it’s that whole supply and demand thing), so it’s sappy and prone to rot fast. Older woods, on the other hand, were allowed to grow longer, which made them stronger, and quite hearty over time. If these doors were made with today’s wood they’d be a pile of dust by now. Everything about this place was cool and I hope they return it to glory soon. 

beautiful patina

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