april 11, 2024

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“You believe God looks at us from above but he actually sees us from inside.” ~ Rumi

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This image might not look like much, but it’s pretty good because you can’t see the spinning blades. Yes, that’s what I said. This holographic image is produced through a series of lights from spinning blades. That’s the simpleton description, but you can read this article and the accompanying video to learn more. The library got this Hypervsn 3D Holographic….TV….image projector…. I’m not sure what it is, but I know it’s amazing to see in person (way better than even the video). The tech is rapidly developing to make 3D holographic video projection a reality very soon. I think this is super cool, and at the same time, I’m eternally grateful I grew up in an era long before tech began to transform every facet of our lives. The technologists must be elated at their advances. I’m happy for them.

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