april 16, 2020

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“Sometimes you don’t need words to make you feel better. You just need the nearness of your dog.” ~ Natalie Lloyd

#HealthyAtHome #TeamKentucky (snapseed)

My friend Jane Somers in Milwaukee has been making masks like so many other compassionate people around the U.S. these days. The masks go to health care workers, first responders, anyone on the front lines of the Corona Virus fight who may be coming up shorthanded on PPEs. The masks are also for anyone who needs one. As the nation prepares for the eventual reemergence, it’s likely we’ll all be wearing masks to help the continued fight. I opened my mail today to find four perfectly constructed, totally adorable cloth masks; one for Hero, Shero, Stacy, and me (I have Stacy to thank for Jane). Dad loved his so much he refused to take it off after we’d modeled for our photo. He’s ready for what comes, and thanks to Jane’s generous spirit, her Lexington people are better prepared, too. Thank you, Jane. I love my turtles.

  1. Mom

    WOW!!!! We all three need a haircut. Which one of you can I start on – you or dad????? Thanks Jane for my mask percolator.

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