april 18, 2016

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“This day, like all days, holds great potential.” ~ Jeff Davidson


bare bulb chef
bare bulb chef


My truly gifted friend Catherine Brereton wrote a story about Mamaw. After she saw the Sacred Spaces exhibit at First Presbyterian Gallery back in October, she was inspired by the triptych of Mamaw and how devoted she was to her church. That lead to a conversation. I told Catherine a story from when I was living in Barrow, Alaska. Having no real concept that I was 7,000 miles from Kentucky, and that, in 1985, FedEx not only didn’t exist (I don’t think) but they certainly didn’t deliver overnight to Barrow, Mamaw made two apple pies for me that she then shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. They arrived at my door two weeks later. There was some blue. Underneath the two blue and green furry lumps were my favorite apple pies. When she called to ask how they were, I said they were the most delicious pies she’d ever made. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. I’m proud to say that Catherine’s story has been accepted for publication by The Head & The Hand for their upcoming anthology Bible Belt Almanac which includes the bit about the apple pies. I’m not sure when it will be released (it’s print only), but it will include some of my photos of Mamaw. Thinking about Catherine’s story got me thinking about the photo above from 2003 when Mamaw was only 91. BFF Crystal Heis was sweet enough to scan the neg for me since the rather large print is hanging in Aunt Janet’s house near where the original kitchen used to be. I thank my lucky stars every day that Hannah Hamilton Adams was my grandmother.

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  1. Mary Vance

    That kitchen looks very familiar to me. Remembering the huge pots of vegetable soup she would make that
    your mom would share with me…Absolutely delicious . What a great lady she was. Lots of memories of mamaw Hannah.

  2. Shirley Terry

    Please let us know when Catherine’s story is published. Mamaw was truly a one-of-a-kind lady.

  3. Shirley Terry

    Also, I see here rolling pen and she’s probably making another apple pie. Sure do miss those days and miss her and your papaw so much. Papaw thought you were “the finest little feller” on this earth. You would always go straight for his lunch-bucket when he’d get home from work because he’d either save his lunch dessert or have a Hershey candy bar in there for you. They both sure did love you and would jump off a cliff if you asked them to….lol.

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