april 19, 2016

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“No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say, “She had a really expensive couch and great shoes.” Don’t make life about stuff.” ~ Unknown


country roads
country roads


On Sunday, when I was taking the scenic road back to Lexington, I decided to check out a road I hadn’t driven in 30 years. It’s a short road that runs beside Caney Creek, parallel to HWY 191. In fact, it might actually be the old railroad bed. In any case, today it’s called Steele Road. I always knew it as the road to the fairgrounds. Maybe it was called Steele Road back then, too, I don’t know. They long ago moved the fairgrounds to an old strip mine closer to town, and the Licking Valley RECC took over the old fairgrounds space. Apart from that, the road is exactly the same, save for Merle McGuire’s country store being closed and his sorghum mill no longer in operation (that’s essentially the direction this photo is facing). Most of the land around the road is still farmed by the Steele family, and I’m glad of that. This little valley carved out by Caney Creek known as Malone is where I spent my most formative years. It is as much a part of my DNA as my ancestors. It’s still as beautiful in the spring as it ever was, and I very much enjoyed the ride.

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