april 21, 2018

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“[There’s] no guarantee you get someday. While you’re busy making that [bucket] list, you may not see the train that’s coming straight for you, and then you’ve done nothing but make a list. Go live. It’s more important.” ~ Larry Scott Evans


Fun Girls + Bartletts = fun!


I love this picture. Stacy and I met The Bartletts at Shamrock for brunch this morning. Their little ginger girl Abby is smart, funny, kind, conscientious, and a testament to the goodness of her generation. She gives me hope for the future. Bryan and Jen have done an incredible job raising her and I can’t wait to see what brilliance her future holds. Meanwhile, it’s clear to me that meeting for lunch every once in a while with the Bartletts just won’t do. We need to meet, and meet often, because I always come away feeling better about everything. I’m lucky to have them as friends. I must be living right. 

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