april 23, 2013

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In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.
~ Brennan Manning


The Wildcat paparazzi was out and about. I, I mean the paparazzi, didn’t catch coach Cal in line for his Cats tickets, but Patsy Carruthers was a better find anyway. Patsy and I have had a facebook friendship for some time. We’ve even exchanged several collegial emails for work, yet we’d never met in person. That is, until the moment I, I mean the paparazzi, snapped her picture at Qdoba. It was a sneak attack as she waited unsuspectingly to place her order. We had a big laugh. The people around us had a chuckle. She said she felt famous. That made me laugh harder. It was a brilliant way to meet, and she was the good sport I knew she would be. Laughing with a friend is the best ever.

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