april 25, 2016

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“I’m not interested if you’ve stood with the great.
I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken.”
~ Unknown


burning sycamore
burning sycamore


Saturday’s family soiree ended with a weenie roast, smores, and bonfire out by the sycamore tree. The boys had brought old wooden pallets and fine chopped wood. There was a chill in the air all day, so when it came time to roast marshmallows (or rather ‘mar-shell-ohs’ as Ray called them), they kept the fire stoked like the flames of Hades.


Mike's are on fire
Mike’s are on fire


smore talk
smore talk


For the first time Cousin Mike was able to be with us at the soiree. Living in Akin, South Carolina working as pastor and school teacher doesn’t allow for much travel. That also means not a lot of time with the family. He had to do a lot of driving to get to us, but he did it. He even did some skeet shooting (just as the battery in the camera died – sorry Mike). But what I noticed most of all from Mike is how he made the rounds talking quietly to each and every one as he went, pictured here with our Aunt Mabel. He’s such a gentle soul.


and then there's Shirley
The flame!


And then there’s my mom. No matter how bad she feels I guarantee she will do something funny before the day is over…like pretending to fart on the flames. As you can see much amusement was had at her display. She’s a hoot. I tell you, we have the best times at Harold and Phyllis’ farm. If we can’t be at Mamaw and Papaw’s anymore, this is pretty close (literally and figuratively). It’s all such a blessing.

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