april 26, 2021

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“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” ~ Kobe Bryant


Cliff Sullivan and his bouzouki picked me up and off we went to Rock House Brewery where we met up with close to two dozen other old time players – fiddlers, guitarists, banjos, a beautiful dulcimer and an upright bass. The loose group of players from all over the Bluegrass area meet every Monday with host Ron Pen, professor emeritus from UK, and a darned nice guy. He welcomed me with a big hug and that set the tone for the evening. I hadn’t talked with Ron in many years – he was still teaching in fact – so it was good to see him and be welcomed to the group. I also hugged old friends Bev Futrell (guitar) and Karen Jones (fiddle). Of course you know there will be pix of them – and Ron – in coming days. We ended the night in the parking lot as the full moon rose over the brewery. I had the best time, and I had a brilliant time catching up with Cliff. I might just go again. 

  1. MOM

    Glad you got out doing something besides working and studying. You deserved a break. I’m sure I would love it too.

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