april 27, 2021

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“Whatever you’re doing today, do it with the confidence of a four year old in a Batman t-shirt.” ~ Unknown 

masters 1

As promised, a couple of shots from last night. Above is Dr. Ron Penn with Karen Jones, and below is Bev Futrell and Cliff. Long-time followers of the outhouse first met Bev and Karen in 2016 when they gave their collective works to UK Archives, and again in 2018 at Kentucky Crafted. Cliff didn’t know until last night that we’ve known each other for neigh on 30 years now. Bev made my night when she told me how much fun she had sitting in with Stealin Horses playing harmonica at a gig where we shared the bill with them. I’d really like to do that again someday.

masters 2 (outside in the moonlight)

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